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Your bed is the heart of your bedroom. Not only is it the focal point that draws the eye, but it’s a place to relax, unwind and refresh after a long day. That’s why choosing the right luxury bed for you is one of the most important design decisions you’ll make when creating your lavish bedroom space. Whether it’s single, double or bigger, our designer beds offer comfort and attractiveness in equal measures.

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Luxurious Beds Of All Shape & Sizes

Our designer beds incorporate comfort, practicality and splendour to afford you the perfect place to get some much needed rest. Our gorgeous collection boasts a versatile range of styles, from traditional king size beds to unique sleigh beds, all created to ensure your sleeping quarters are as welcoming and tranquil as possible.

Single beds, double beds, queen size or king size. Our catalogue will help you find that perfect bed to take centre stage, whether you’re looking to compliment an existing bedroom aesthetic or begin again from fresh. Our stylish designer beds will help give your space an identity that you can craft the entire room around.

For the more orderly out there, our ottoman beds provide a convenient, discreet space to store clothes, pillows or anything you don’t want lying around your bedroom. Our ottoman beds don’t sacrifice quality for handiness. They’re the perfect overflow solution for any bedroom.

For a more blended approach, our sleigh beds offer stunning classic-meets-contemporary designs so you can mix and match styles for a unique visual design. With an array of styles and finishes available, sleigh beds are able to slot into any theme and still provide a beautiful bedroom centrepiece.

For pure luxury, our iconic chesterfield designs exude style and grace. When complimented with classy velvet fabrics, a chesterfield bed can turn transform a drab space into a room fit for royalty in an instant. Coming in a number of different colours and designs, chesterfield beds are timeless in their elegance.

Get A Sound Sleep With Our Bedroom Range

Most people spend a third of their lives asleep, the equivalent to around 25 years. That’s why it’s vital that this time is spent on a stylish, comfortable bed that aids your health, be it mental, physical or emotional.

You might be looking to add a little flavour to your current room or you might be looking to start a brand new bedroom project. Maybe you’re in the throes of decorating a new home or you’re giving your current place a makeover. Whatever your reasons for choosing a luxury bed, we’re here to provide you with ample choice to suit your tastes and budget.

We understand purchasing a designer bed is quite an investment, and certainly not something you do on a regular basis. Therefore, we make every effort to understand your wants and needs, ensuring the perfect balance of comfort and affordability is in place for every customer, helping provide a great night’s sleep without breaking the bank.

Everyone has different preferences for their perfect bed, and everyone has different essentials. Whether it’s body shape, weight, mattress preferences, style or budget limitations. We have taken all of these into consideration when designing our products so that no customer is left out in the cold.

Affordable Designer Beds For Your Home

Although luxury and indulgence are at the core of our designs, we ensure that all of our products are reasonably priced. While designer beds were once reserved for the wealthy elite, we’re helping spread these extravagant products far and wide so that everyone can enjoy the benefits they offer. The celebration of style shouldn’t be limited to the fortunate few!

All of our designer beds are crafted from the highest quality materials available, just as you’d expect from a reputable supplier such as ourselves. Our products are tested for durability and comfort to ensure that every customer we serve is happy and content with their purchase. We guarantee that once you sample one of our exquisite pieces, you’ll be craving more right away.

Imagine lying back on an ornately-carved upholstered bed and basking in the endless comfort it provides. Enjoy its seductive design, its elegant curves and its dazzling colours, and not only will it provide a satisfying sleep, but you’ll wake up to gorgeous visual delights that will set your mood for the rest of the day.

While you can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep, we’re doing everything we can to keep it that way. We offer luxury beds at a fraction of the price, and with a huge range of designer beds to choose from, we have no doubt that you’ll find the perfect companion for your stylistic room on this page. With more products being added regularly, we certainly won’t be resting any time soon – we’ll leave that part to you.