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Luxury ottomans, blanket boxes and ottoman chairs are some of the most versatile pieces of bedroom furniture available today. Not only are they perfect for resting your feet after a long day, but they’re ideal to use as coffee tables or additional seating whenever you have company. With just a simple addition of a designer ottoman, you can heighten the luxury feel of your bedroom while also adding an ounce of practicality too.

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Luxurious Ottomans and Blanket Boxes

A contemporary ottoman, ottoman chair or a blanket box makes an excellent alternative to traditional bedroom tables. Upholstered in gorgeous fabrics, luxury ottomans blend well with beds, bedroom chairs and duvets to create a striking focal point that adds a touch of elegance to your bedroom space. And not only that, they’re a fantastic space save and they make very comfortable footrests. Combine a designer ottoman with a bedroom chair and you have a winning formula on your hands.

Ottomans are mostly considered to be seats rather than tables, but with our fantastic range of designer ottomans, they can easily be both. They’re one of the most multifunctional pieces of furniture you could add to your room, and they’re small and compact enough to slot easily into a corner or at the foot of your bed.

You might be looking for somewhere to store your clothes, blankets, pillows or anything else that creates clutter in your bedroom. The subtle addition of a contemporary ottoman means you can haul everything inside and keep your room looking pristine and fresh with minimal effort. With a conveniently-placed ottoman, no longer do you need to use up valuable wardrobe space to store bedclothes.

As a space saver, no other bedroom furniture can match an ottoman for convenience and visual appeal. While our luxury ottomans come in all shapes and sizes, they’re perfectly designed to take up minimal space whilst showcasing striking symmetrical beauty. Whether it’s cylindrical, rectangular or a uniquely shaped ottoman chair, nothing comes close in terms of sophistication.

Designer Duvet Storage and Ottoman Stools

We have a broad range of bedroom storage products in our collection, from upholstered ottomans to duvet boxes to ottoman stools and chairs. We’ve taken the utmost care to craft luxury furniture that works with a vast range of styles and themes, so we’re positive that you’ll find something that harmonizes with your current space.

Instead of leaving your bedsheets on top of your cupboards to collect dust, a blanket box will help keep them safe and tidy. Our modern blanket boxes don’t just come in traditional wooden finishes, either. You’ll find gorgeous textile boxes that sit comfortably at the foot of your bed, and can be matched with many other products in our luxury bedroom furniture range to create a stunning coordinated design theme.

For something a little more quirky, an ottoman chair will make a choice addition to your bedroom space. Combining all the storage benefits of a regular ottoman with maximum sitting comfort, an ottoman chair provides a place to relax while doubling as an overflow solution. Available in a number of styles and sizes, these subtle bedroom chairs can be quite the difference maker.

To keep things simple, our ottoman stools are compact and practical and make for a comfortable place to rest your feet. Coming in an array of finishes and colours, ottoman stools are subtle and discreet and won’t demand much in the way of floor space. They’re perfect for storing smaller items like trinkets, jewellery boxes and bedsheets.

Browse Our Contemporary Range Of Bedroom Storage

Furniture is about much more than comfort. The right luxury ottoman can transform a room and help convey a deep sense of elegance and classiness – all it takes is a single piece of exquisite furniture. We ensure that all of our products are designed for exactly that. You’ll find a wide range of designer ottomans, upholstered ottomans, ottoman stools and blanket boxes that are as stunning as they are practical.

Lavish, beautiful and well-designed, our collection of luxury ottomans and matching furniture are perfect for keeping your clothes, duvets, and personal trinkets out of sight. They can also double up as useful bedside tables, tasteful coffee tables or additional seating when friends come over.

Our vast collection of designer ottomans, chairs and footstools offer an amazing blend of style and efficiency, creating a versatile bedroom piece that won’t compromise on space. With such a huge choice of styles, colours and designs, you can find the piece that best suits your room.

When choosing luxury bedroom furniture, don’t overlook the importance of a designer ottoman. It doesn’t matter if you plan on using it as a showpiece, a storage item or a fancy footrest, our extensive collection of contemporary ottomans will help take the weight off. Explore our range today and find the piece that works with your tastes and preferences.